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What is Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) ?

Cryotherapy is widely used within high-performance sport medicine departments. In the UK, more than 70% of current Premier League clubs have at least one cryo-chamber. Those chambers are a gold standard technique of cryotherapy which originated in Japan 40 years ago. In sports, it is used predominantly for player recovery from injuries due to trauma or overuse of musculoskeletal (MSK) tissue.


However, lately, several studies have confirmed its positive effect on pain relief, decreased inflammation, and increased psychological well-being. It is used to manage several medical conditions.


As a result, we have decided to bring the cryotherapy chamber to Cambridge and offer this service to the public and sporting population.


Recovery & Rehabilitation

Cryotherapy reduces inflammation. This key factor provides the capability for other therapies such as osteopathy & physiotherapy to counteract the progression of soft tissue injuries and to speed up the recovery process.

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Pain Relief 

Cryotherapy acts as a natural analgesic, bringing much-needed pain relief to sufferers of chronic conditions and avoiding the potentially addictive session of using opioid painkillers.

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Sleep & Relaxation 

Sleep quality is enhanced using cryotherapy regularly, with positive effects on focus, attention, concentration, mood and overall mental health. The restorative power of sleep is supercharged using cryotherapy.


Beauty & Skincare

Cryotherapy drives major benefits in beauty & skincare, with the production of collagen in the skin, enhancing an anti-ageing skin care program.  Smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, cryotherapy helps to increase the impact and other beauty sessions such as cellulite reduction and spot sessions.


Weight & Body Fat Control 

Health Benefits - Cryotherapy can enhance the immune system to counteract viruses and other forms of illnesses. Skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis can be effectively treated using cryotherapy and the fluid shunting that takes place enhances blood circulation.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Cryotherapy safe? Although a temperature such as -110 degrees Celsius for three minutes sounds extreme, a number of safety procedures have been introduced to minimise any adverse reaction. Pre-screening medical questionnaire (link) (if you are unsure if you can participate, contact your GP), Blood pressure check on site, Glasses, hearing aids, earrings and body piercings should be removed. It is advised for the participant to have dry hair (towels and hats are provided if needed). Any sweat on the skin can lead to frostbite, therefore, it is best to grab a shower/bath before visiting us. There are shower facilities on-site, just in case. A participant can leave at any time via a door. There is an emergency shut-off button in the chamber and for the entire treatment you will be supervised by a therapist. We will talk to you over the microphone and observe in the window by the operating panel. Our unit has a pre-chamber, which is set at -60 degrees Celsius. We will encourage you to try it first at your initial consultation and when ready, you will step into the main chamber (~110C) after 30-45s. Furthermore, our chamber is custom-built for up to four people so you don’t need to do it on your own. It has a camera system to see that everyone is well and safe. There will be music playing from the speaker to keep you moving! Lastly, Light Blue Clinic Ltd and its staff have been fully certified and insured to provide the safest treatment to all

I have a medical condition and I am not sure if it is safe for me to participate? At our clinic, we put your safety first in order to avoid any unwanted body reactions. Therefore, before you enter the chamber for the first time, we will ask you to fill in a health questionnaire (link below) to rule out any contraindications. If you have answered yes to any of the questions, we strongly recommend to consult with your GP or medical specialist to check if it is safe for you to take part in the treatment. Whilst the cryotherapy treatment is not medical and therefore not regulated by a medical professional, we want you to be safe and avoid any adverse reactions caused by a pre-existing condition. For example, stress to cold exposure (same as cold water swimming) would slightly raise your blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure that is untreated such as hypertension type 3 you put yourself at risk. Before the first session we check everyone's blood pressure as a result.

What do I wear / what clothes do I bring? In extreme cold such as -120C, there is a risk of a frostbite, hence we make sure all our participants wear the appropriate protective clothing. We provide the following; - gloves, - hat, - long socks, - slippers, - mask. We ask our participants to bring shorts for the lower body and a bra widhout a metal whire (for example a sports bra). Glasses, hearing aids, earrings and body piercing should be removed. Additionally, we advise for our participants to have dry hair (towels and hats are provided if needed). Any sweat on the skin can also lead to frostbite, therefore, it is best to grab a shower/bath before visiting us. There are shower facilities on-site, just in case. We will ask you to remove glasses, hearing aids, earrings and body piercing before entering the chamber.

What's involved in a session? You will first enter our pre-chamber for 30 seconds where the temperature is cooled to -60°C. This prepares users for the next stage of the session which is the main chamber, which is cooled to -120°C and users stay here for 3 minutes! We are always happy to discuss your goals for cryotherapy and explain further our procedure, feel free to contact us at for more information.

Our current clients & partners 

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