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Female athletes  

Our commitment to Support female athletes 

While it is a great notion to apply and adapt the same training regimes for males and females, physiologically females have a significantly different physiological environment. Female sex hormones play a major role in training periodization, training load, adaptation, recovery or heat acclimatization. Therefore, it is crucial to recognise those hormones, how they fluctuate across a normal cycle versus hormonal contraception to create a tailored training program and optimize performance.  The crucial part here is to start tracking the menstrual cycle. 


When we look closer at the research disciplines in medicine, sport science, pharmaceutical research, even chemotherapy research, it's all dominated by male research data. Most of the studies are mainly focusing on physiological responses in men, even in science looking at the rats, male rats are mainly used. Unfortunately, women haven't been studied at the same level as men until recently. 


Low energy availability is more common in females than males and very often leads to relative energy in sport (RED-S), previously known as female triad. 

Low energy availability happens when an athlete doesn't get enough calories in, this is when an individual starts getting a clinical aspect of reduced hormone functions. Thyroid function goes down, resting metabolic rate goes down and perturbation in menstrual cycle are evident. IVF1 hormone starts to be suppressed and impacts bone formation, as a result an athlete feels over trained, however we actually it's a consequence of being in a low energy state for too long. 

At Light Blue Clinic we aim to recognise athletes in a low energy availability state, provide advice and support in order to maintain health and performance. We also offer training periodisation according to menstrual cycle. 

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