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Wim Hof Method Breathing Workshop


Wim Hof Method breathing workshop with cryotherapy - 24th March 2024

It is said that feeling is knowing, and this is so true with the Wim Hof Method. Join us for an unforgettable workshop, where we combine science, breathwork, yoga and cryotherapy, and give you the tools and insights to begin your own journey towards a happier, stronger and healthier you!


The day begins at 9:00am with participants welcomed to the workshop with hot or cold drinks, a light snack and a chance to settle in. 


We begin promptly at 9:30am and will take participants on a journey of learning about Wim Hof, and a light introduction to the Wim Hof Method and its three pillars. After a yoga session with our qualified Yoga teacher Dharmika, we move into a deep dive on the the Breathwork pillar of the Wim Hof Method, combining theory, science, and practical application to give you the tools to continue your practice at home. The second part of the session then moves to cold therapy in the clinic’s start of the art cryochamber. The workshop will end at 1.30 pm


Throughout the workshop there will be an opportunity for questions and sharing of experiences. We look forward to seeing you there!

Cost: £80

Max amount of participants: 12



I have always loved the great outdoors and felt most at ease with myself when I am with nature. This has manifested itself in many ways - be it the slopes and peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro, competitive ocean sailing across the freezing North Pacific, white water rafting down the Ganges or free diving in the Indian Ocean - my love for adventure is a thirst that can never be quenched. 

In this quest for new experiences and personal growth, I stumbled across Wim Hof and his highly acclaimed Wim Hof Method a few years ago. I immediately felt drawn to a method that was both simple, highly effective and needed nothing more the two key elements of air and water. Accessible to everyone, it felt like a true leveller and a gift for all to enjoy. 


I became a certified Wim Hof Method Instructor in order to help others to also access this gift from Mother Nature. 


Light Blue Clinic

Light Blue Clinic’s cryotherapy centre is the first of its kind in Cambridgeshire. It’s fitted with a state of art four people cryochamber that reaches the temperature of -120C and is not only used by the athletes but also general population.


As certified Osteopaths and Strength & Conditioning coaches, we provide patients with a welcoming and comfortable environment for treating all types of physical pains, aches and injuries. 


Light Blue Clinic is providing strength and conditioning, osteopathy and cryotherapy treatments to Cambridge University Boat Club (men) + cryotherapy services for Cambridge Rugby Club.

Please read the following carefully and confirm whether you experience any of the following conditions which may make you an unsuitable participant in cryotherapy.

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