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A Warm Welcome To Light Blue Clinic 

Performance Driven Wellness & Injury Clinic

Over a decade of experience in high performance sports allowed us to open a bespoke clinic for individuals who put their wellbeing at the forefront. Enjoy evidence based expertise and brand new facilities to aid your recovery and general health.  


Injury Assessment & Treatment

We are a multidisciplinary team with only one primary goal, make our patients pain free as soon as possible. Utilising our elite sport experience we deliver a unique and patient centred approach. 


Female Specific Training  

While it is a great notion to apply and adapt the same training regimes for males and females, physiologically females have a significantly different environment. We use modern research in order to elicit best adaptation to training as well as wellbeing.

"To sustain longevity, you have to evolve"

At Light Blue Clinic we will determine your health status and work together to sustain or improve your health markers. As a patient you will have access to all available, up to date modalities. Together, we will reach your goals.


Whole Body Cryotherapy  

Behave like a professional athlete and discover the physiological and psychological benefits of extreme cold such as -120C.

Promoting healing and wellbeing.

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Rehabilitation & Coaching

Our unique combination of skills from therapy and coaching allows us to tailor individual plans whether you are recovering from surgery or need to loose a few pounds.

Why people choose Light Blue Clinic?

We are a dedicated team with over a decade of experience in coaching and treating Olympians and other professional athletes. Our approach is an all round care solution. If an athlete sustains an injury, a team of professionals such as physio, strength & conditioning coach, sports therapist will deliver an individualised programme of treatment and rehab. At Light Blue Clinic we offer exactly that, to everyone that comes through the door!

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Paul Day,
(Managing Director, Turners of Soham Ltd)

'The Light Blue Clinic are an integral part of Turners wellbeing service. They support our employees with long lasting lifestyle advice and behavioural change, while focusing on improving an individual's health. Thorough quarterly reports allow us to identify trends, decrease absenteeism and improve staff morale'.

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Olivia Coffey
(Three time World Champion and Olympian)

Coming to Cambridge after years of training with the US National team, I wasn't sure if I would be able to perform at an elite level given my academic demands and reduced training volume. However, the strength program designed by Light Blue Clinic, combined with my new rowing regimen, enabled me to do just that. The emphasis on building power in the weight room with explosive, dynamic, and varied movements complemented my physiology and allowed me to achieve personal bests on the ergometer during the school year and go on to win at the World Championships later that summer.

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James Cracknell OBE
(Double Olympic Gold Medalist)

"Without the help and expertise of Light Blue Clinic during my days in Cambridge, I wouldn't be able to race at a competitive level again. Thanks for the encouragement and support during those hard days of training."

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